Who is Gloria?

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At the beginning of the month we had our nephew Evan over to watch Seth. During the course of the afternoon Seth tried to convince Evan that we used to have a pet wolf named “Soft.” But then the wolf mysteriously died so we skinned him and that’s how we got our fuzzy throw pillow. For Christmas this year, Seth received this guy. And when he opened him up, it was a glorious reunion. Behold: The resurrection of SOFT.






During this last week I’ve been subconsciously singing Christmas music throughout the days. Sometimes with words, sometimes without. A few weeks ago after “Angels we have Heard on High,” Seth said,

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We signed Sam up for Flag football this year. (sigh).

It was a rough season. He was put on a team and the friend we signed up with decided not to participate right at the last minute. He went in to the first practice with a great (and courageous!) attitude.  When I picked him up after that first day he said, “THAT. WAS. AWESOME.” He loved it. He told me how nice his coach was, how he was faster than he thought, how much fun he had throwing and catching and getting open for passes. As the season wore on however, that bright excitement dimmed. Although his coach, the ever unfailing encourager-GOD BLESS HIM-, remained a positive force, the team was just not good. Not good, as in, they lost every. single. game. Not good like the Bad News Bears. One game they lost 56-0.


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Thomas turns 8

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Poor neglected blog.


Thomas turned 8 at the end of September. We celebrated with a one-friend-plus-brothers big afternoon party that included two games of laser tag and arcade games at the Provo Beach Resort. Then back to our house for legos, Wendy’s, and lots of Minecraft. One of those “BEST DAY EVER” kind of days.



And since turning 8, he has joined the cub scouts in our neighborhood. He loves it so far!

I got a little choked up taking this one…

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August updates

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Sacrament Meeting

August 2014.




Our boys were asked to help out with a little project that a BYU ad team was doing for Salt Lake’s Comic Con. That’s Seth in the Iron Man costume.

When asked who his favorite superhero was in the interview, he said without hesitating:

“Superman. ”

They laughed, stopped filming, and asked the interviewer to ask him again.

“Who is your favorite superhero?”






During the Snow family reunion with all the cousins, Sam’s portrait picture was knocked off the wall and the glass was broken. No biggie, I had to take Sam’s picture and set it on a table so and remind myself to get the glass replaced.

One day as I was coming up the stairs I noticed something … what the… Was something written on the wall? …With an “Invisible Ink” pen?

Upon closer inspection yes… yes there was… I took a picture and sent it to Aaron.

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Seth. June updates.

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Overheard at breakfast one morning: “Yes they would!”

“No! They wouldn’t!”




“uh. yes … I think we would call the police if Seth ate you.”

Thomas turned to Seth: “SEE!? Told you.”

Seth frowned.




One morning. Seth decided to take Luke’s pants and do this.

His nickname was simply “Pants.” We couldn’t stop laughing. IMG_6955


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June Updates

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We’ve got World Cup fever. Are you watching? We couldn’t believe the first minute of Ghana v. United States. We are totally rooting for U.S. with Ghana as a close second. Also died today when Ghana tied Germany. (Whenever we talk about the German team, we automatically go into our evil ” Zah Jehmins” voice. Which, I’m guessing, won’t make sense to you …Unless you’re familiar with a certain Studio C skit involving Matt meese as a German exchange student, which I expect is zero percent of my readership. Nevertheless, It had to be recorded.)

GO U.S.A!! Also, Thomas has told us he is going to play in the World Cup someday.

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Happy Birthday Seth!

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Dear Seth,

Your birthday is coming up in THREE MORE SLEEPS! You’re turning five years old!!

This has been your best year yet. I like to think life’s just going to keep getting funnier and better and brighter and happier as you get older.

Because the funny. OH THE FUNNY. Your sense of humor is different than all of your brothers. So unexpected, so much of it unintentional.

I am shocked and maybe even a little disturbed at how impressive your crazy laugh is. Like, you sound truly insane. How have you perfected this before your 5th birthday!? Should I be worried? Where did you even learn to do such a thing? Like, with the widening of the eyes and everything and escalating pitch? I mean, wow.

Lately you have taken on a new wolf-like persona that involves showing us your “claws.”

These claws are actually just your hands. But the process involves a finger on each hand coming out gradually. One at a time. Like, “Oh no! He’s changing into his ‘other’ self!” and then one finger pops out on each hand and you jump around pretending to swipe and cut and mutilate all sorts of household items. And people. Then the crazy ramps up and we’re all like “AAAAH! Two claws!” (and then another finger pops up).

Like so:


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