Looking Back

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These are the entries about my hip pain that I found looking back through the blog. I started seeing my doctor in July of 2012. My hip had been bothering me for several months leading up to that first visit. I had seen two other doctors with no progress.

I wish I had written more about how hard it was.

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Spring Update

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Thomas: when I grow up I want to be the president of the United States.
Me: Hey that’s great! What makes you want to do that?
Thomas: Well, because I think it would be awesome to have our family live in the White House. But mostly? (As he clenches his fists and laughs maniacally): I WOULD BE THE BOSS!!! OF EVERYTHEEEEEING!!! I COULD ORDER PEOPLE AROUND!!!
… And you know. I could help the poor.
Yesterday, Seth made a swimming pool with our sectional cushions.
He and Thomas went for a quick afternoon dip.
In their swimsuits.
Good thing they remember how to hold their breath.
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Dining Room

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Apparently it’s April. Time is flying.

First. The dining room update:

Here are a bunch of random “before” shots. I obviously neglected to take “official” pictures.

I have faith in you, dear reader, that you’ll be able to piece together what it looked like “before.”



(during the kitchen reno):





And here we are this morning:

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February Sampling: Olympics, School stuff, Juicing.

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So I totally thought Sochi was in Japan you guys.

And for the first few times of watching events I was like, “Why do the announcers keep saying how awesome the Russian crowds are? Why do the Russians have an advantage? This is Japan! Do Russia and Japan have some sort of secret friendship that I didn’t know about? Also. I wasn’t aware that Japan had tons and tons of mountain ranges! wow!”

Yes, really. It got that far.

Even seeing banners with SOCHI.RU didn’t clue me in.

Eventually Aaron walked in the room while we were watching and I turned to him, “Hey. The Olympics are in Japan. I mean, …right?”

He started laughing.

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“This is it. The apopalypse.”

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oh gol. Where do I even begin?

Let’s start at the end and work back.

New Year’s Eve:

We played Pit, sat on a blanket eating monkey bread while watching the original Superman, toasted Martinelli’s before bed, and sleepily made our way  to bed.

At 10:15. Woohoo! Seth fell asleep at 8:30 (unfortunately before all of the awesome Superman moments… and even before he was Christopher Reeve…oh well.)

overall, awesome.


Seth learned all sorts of fantastic christmas songs that he belted out at any time of day. “Go tell it on the mountain” was probably his favorite and the cutest to hear him sing. “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” and “Rudolph” were close runners up. The problem is he wouldn’t do it for anyone else besides our immediate family. No  talent shows, no video cameras; unfortunately, we are the only ones who get to witness his adorable mispronunciations (“Jesus Christ is Bones!”). Today he was sing yelling “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons and I started laughing when I heard the word, “A-pop-oh-lypse.”


Today (January 3rd), Seth announced that he was ready to put up the Christmas decorations again. For next year. And then proceeded to throw a tantrum when I told him “Sorry. Christmas is over!”



When we brought in our Christmas tree, Seth fell in love. He just stood in front of the freshly cut tree, sniffing and sighing. At one point I heard him say dreamily,

” …I just want to eat it.”


A family in our ward did the twelve days of christmas for us. On the first day of christmas they brought us this adorable miniature (but edible!) gingerbread house. We all loved it. A few days later I walked into the kitchen to find the gingerbread house crushed in the clear plastic packaging.

“Oh no! What happened to the gingerbread house? It’s broken!”

Seth: “I didn’t break it!

It broke all by itself!

…while I was playing football with it.”


Sam: You know all that merchandise the wise men brought to the baby Jesus?


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the haps

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Hey Friends. Sorry for the delay in getting this last house post up. I just keep forgetting about it!

For the last year or so in church, I have been serving in Primary (our church’s children’s organization) as a teacher. Every Sunday I teach the 7 turning 8 year olds and sit in Primary during most of church. My class is full of super bright, very funny kids. They can, most Sundays, be quite a handful. We’ve got some special needs kids and the full spectrum of personality types. They are loud and quiet, funny, sometimes rude, usually very sweet kids. No sugarcoating: the last year being their teacher has been full of challenges. But you guys. I love these kids. All of them. They make me laugh every Sunday. Plus I bring treats and I’m sorry, but laughing and eating? Please. Primary is THE PLACE FOR ME.

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House Progress Update No. 5

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Again, I took all these with my phone. Always seems so convenient at the time. Until I upload them and wish I had used the real camera. blah.

The Master Bedroom. Main Floor. Before:



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